Academic Award at Delaware County Community College

We started dual enrollment classes last year at Delaware County Community College. We were pretty nervous knowing we were two of a few high school students in classes with college students. For a few reasons, we decided to go this route. There were things our mom didn’t have the depth to teach us (sorry Mom!). There were courses we needed like lab sciences and foreign language. We wanted to have the experience of navigating the city and public transportation on our own. We wanted to experience new and different teachers and students…

A few weeks ago we got these letters in the mail recognizing us for our scholastic achievements. We’ll attend the ceremony this Saturday at the college.

Between the community college and Drexel’s High School Scholars program, we’ve taken English, Spanish, biology, history, physics, precalculus, Africana Studies, Global Studies, and music business. It’s been challenging and enjoyable and we’ve liked all of our professors so far and have made some pretty cool relationships with our classmates and study partners.

Shout out to Nidhi and Rebecca, our Penn tutors at the West Philadelphia Tutoring Project, who we meet with for an hour on Sundays who have been great support and guides!

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