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Academic Award at Delaware County Community College

We started dual enrollment classes last year at Delaware County Community College. We were pretty nervous knowing we were two of a few high school students in classes with college students. For a few reasons, we decided to go this route. There were things our mom didn’t have the depth to teach us (sorry Mom!). […]


Bruce Montgomery Foundation for the Arts Springboard Grant

Hello again, The semester is winding down and we’re studying for finals but we wanted to check in to say how thankful we are to the Bruce Montgomery Foundation for the Arts for recognizing our talents and supporting us with a Springboard grant. Four awards are given every year and we were selected to share […]


The Legacy Exists Scholarship!

I entered an essay contest and wrote about the life of Philadelphia’s-own Joe Frazier and received a scholarship from his family’s foundation to help pay for my summer camp costs. Grateful!